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Audio Player Playlists 26/02/2023
The audio player now supports playing multiple tracks using and playlists. Additionally, it also supports multiple buttons with multiple tracks on one page.
Test in on this page: https://hophophasan.com/blog/2022-05-18/ost/

A demonstration of the audio player with the ability to switch tracks with previous and next buttons.
Multiple buttons and a playlist in action!

Modernisation 12/12/2022
Some elements have been updated and made more sleek.

A blockquote reading 'I wish... I was a bird...' A rainbow box reading 'woohoooooooo' repeatedly on multiple lines
A title card reading 'super cool title =)' and 'really scary and coool text!1'
New blockquotes

Multiple hyperlinks with external link icons next to them, each reading 'External link! How dangerous!' Two tags next to each other, reading 'test' and 'test2'
New tags and an icon besides links that open a new tab

The page navigation box, with rows reading 'Blog', 'Downloads', 'Bob Test', 'Coming soon!!' and 'Settings', with the text 'Navigation Box' underneath A custom music player box, reading 'Cool Edge (Night) - Sonic Unleashed' with a hyperlink showing 'Download' next to it, and a play button, progress bar, and played time underneath.
A new navigation and music-player box

A code box, with a javascript icon in a tab named 'best program ever !', with the following code in the box: 'console.log('felizjueves!');
A new code box

RSS Feed 20/11/2022
The blog page now has an RSS feed! Add it to your RSS reader to receive updates of new blog posts!
See the RSS feed here, or on the blog page.

A screenshot showing this website on an RSS reader
Shown here is 'Fluent Reader' on Windows

Tags 21/10/2022
Clicking a tag on the blog page now functions!

A screenshot showing tag filtering on the blog page

Other languages 10/10/2022
Now testing alternative languages for blog pages! Check out this page: https://hophophasan.com/blog/2022-07-29/minecraft-unused-tracks/ to see it!

A screenshot showing other language selections on a blog page

Comment Update 04/10/2022
Updated the comment section- you can now delete comments, and links posted will automatically be clickable.

A screenshot showing comment sections under blog pages

Comments Are Back! 22/09/2022
Comment sections have been added to all 'new' blog pages!