This is why I'm scared of weebs
2021-12-03 | going-mental anime

Cultural appropriation isn't real anyways.

An instagram post by a blanked out user that says 'You say cat, We say neko. You say kid, We say loli. You say hi, We say konnichiwa.
    You say stupid, We say baka. You say good morning, We say ohayo. You say i like you, We say daisuki. You say i love you, we say aishiteiru. You say cartoon, we
    say anime.
    The post has 924 likes, and it's description is 'im bouta sleep in my joker cosplay.
    It also has 52 comments and was posted 1 DAY AGO (when the screenshot was taken).

Look at this picture of a pot though!!!!

A photo of pot rice, labeled 'ASIA INSPIRTED RICE, japanese katsu curry, delicious chicken flavour curry rice.'