2022-01-28 | stupid going-mental

Right-click to save

(I didn't even screenshot it, just RIGHT CLICKED)

Today has been a terrible day. NFTs seemed to have reared their ugly gorilla heads into public consciousness.

A cool argument in computing ensues.

NFTs aren't good. It's just another way for companies to make you cough up more money and then conclude that you don't really own anything.

It plays like a pyramid MAKE MONEY quick scheme.

Also their "original" purpose of being able to own digital art is undermined by the fact that they are stolen in the first place, and you don't own the image, you only own the "link" to the image. (Also, the original creator of NFTs has disowned them").

I hope they fizzle out soon but knowing the ability of internet companies to force any trend, and knowing the amount of money they could make, this probably won't happen.

It's just used as "investment", and probably tax evading (which is only acceptable when I do it!!).

Did you know there's a website called “THENFTBAY” that has 17TB (17000GB) of NFTs to download!!