CBBC and BBC4 is closing
2022-05-30 | tv

CBBC closing (going online only) will really mark the end of an era for children's programming ( in the UK ). Would YouTube videos replace them, because most children YouTube channels are garbage.

It's weird to see this /thing/ that's always been there just slowly fade away. I don't really watch TV that much ( well I don't watch anything that much ), but its sad to see it slowly vanishing.

This could be a projection of me just yearning for some unity in my life and the world but I don't care. This is how I feel.

And this -- is how children will access unfiltered content around the internet easier... that's never a good thing...

The internet is not good for children I'll tell you that with 100% certainty.

uhhh same with bbc 4 but thats for old people hahah ! H!!lol!