Minecraft's Unused Tracks
2022-07-29 | music games | Other languages: 日本語

There's a lot of tracks from the Minecraft Alpha and Beta albums that weren't used inside the game! Some of them still hit the same nostalgia nerves as the original soundtrack!

Volume Beta 01 - Ki

Imagine this as the menu theme, this BGM is the essence of old Minecraft versions, feels empty, often dark... but deep full of mystery, things to uncover and memories to be made.

Volume Alpha 02 - Door

A continuation of the song 'Key'. Still maintains that main Minecraft leitmotif so it sounds familiar, yet refreshing. The vast feelings this track goes through is a perfect representation of the game... I wish this one was in the soundtrack!

Volume Alpha 04 - Death

The sounds tell all the story. Steve, or a player, sneaks through the grass to a chicken, distracts it with wheat and then kills it.

The audio of the player creeping up and shooting a chicken... chilling. Minecraft in this day would never dare suggest animal cruelty like this... but remember Mojang... hunting is essential to your survival in this world.

Oddly beautiful, for a song about murdering a chicken.

Volume Alpha 10 - Équinoxe

I think this comment best summarises this track:

"Minecraft music feels like knowing you can't go home because it's not there anymore"

The feeling of... well ever being at home... it's familiar (this is also why I really like the game 'Stray' but that's for another blog post), although there is hope in this track. That is the most important thing... without hope... there is no use to doing anything... trying...

It perfectly encompasses the sense of emptiness that plagues most of the Minecraft world, that only you the player can fill in that void.

Volume Alpha 15 - Chris

Another song with that strong 'Minecraft leitmotif'. I really like this one... lots of exploration! But who is 'Chris'?

The game was a lot simpler back around 2011.

Volume Alpha 17 - Excuse

This is lonely. This feels like you're stuck in a place... and have no idea how to leave this perpetual state of slow torture to the mind.

It's when you want to apologise to someone... but just don't have the strength to do so. You feel terrible, and it may spiral into a downwards cycle of procrastination and emptiness.

'Do you need an excuse for my friendship!'

Volume Alpha 20 - Dog

The more playful alternative to 'Cat'! On an old XBOX 360 Console Edition version this track will play after the 'Cat' disc!

I remember this one being used in a lot of trailers and other videos.

Volume Alpha 22 - Beginning

Another sort of intro track... although I vastly prefer 'Ki' (sounds more drastic), sounds familiar to some other tracks already in the game. Like a remix!

This track is like walking all alone in the forest... but with no worries... a strange sensation but a good feeling nevertheless.

Volume Alpha 23 - Droopy likes ricochet

A relaxing tune, would love to have this one in the game.

It somewhat sounds like a credits scene... I think this track was used in Minecraft trailer videos on YouTube as well.

Volume Alpha 24 - Droopy likes your face

A continuation of the previous track, where you can hear some dog sounds(?)... and a distorted TTS voice.

Apparently these samples are related to a children's book called 'The Droopy Dragon' which has a text-to-speech voice speaker attached:

For those still confused about this song for any reason, the answer to the question is simple. There was a childrens book released ages ago called "The Droopy Dragon" with a strange text to speech voice attached to it called "Magic Wand Speaking Reader". You could use the device to have a text to speech voice read the books text out loud for you. That's where these voice samples come from. There's no Minecraft related meaning to it.

Volume Beta 05 - Flake

A cold wintery track...... with a .... kazoo??? And more sound distortion... something is off about this winter wonderland, makes sense- the snow biome is a desolate and difficult biome in Minecraft.

This track was on the Christmas Mashup Pack you could find on the Console Edition of the game... I remember this one.

Volume Beta 14 - Kyoto

This one reminds me of music from the Rayman series of games (maybe Rayman 2?)... or maybe I'm getting confused... but it does remind me of some game.

It evokes the feeling of... a victory? Yet you're still shrouded with doubt on whether this was the right thing to do... or alternatively an unexplained victory... with the knowledge that everything will be okay in the end...

This track was also used in the Christmas Mashup Pack

Volume Beta 25 - Eleven

You finally repaired disc '11'! Maybe this is what the disc sounded like until it was overwritten by that terrifying event.

A loud piano, I like it! It reminds me of some of my dreams... some of the surreal moments that will never be real... because they can't be! But... it feels real... it's forever there in your memory.

Volume Beta 30 - Intro

The Intro. A piano track also with sounds of a person breathing and humming (C418 himself). Intro is the final song in the two released Minecraft albums... I think this comment has a nice theory on it...

I think I get it now. The entire reason this song is called intro, yet it is the final song in the album, is because this isn't the intro to Minecraft, this is the transition from Minecraft to real life. It's telling you that THIS is the start of everything you do in your life from then on. Because there are endless amounts of Minecraft worlds, but at the end of the day... There's only one real world... And it's waiting for you to explore it.

As explained by the End Credits dialogue aswell...

Your memories of the game are running out... you're slowly floating into oblivion... your time is running out... and there's nothing to do yet relive all your memories...

It's a crime that this isn't in the game somewhere...!


That's about all the unused tracks from the main Minecraft game, but there are tons of other ones from various packs and editions...

This game has become something huge... something that probably no-one was expecting back then...