School Laptops
2022-07-29 | stupid drawings

So... school computers.

I know they're pretty trash but... I've never seen one's as bad as the one's I used at college the other day.

Some of the computer's cannot run anything without breaking- this is because they have disabled hardware acceleration due to the virtual machine configuration!

The 'computers' at this college seem to be split up into 2 categories:

-Actual computers that run Windows 10 locally

-Computers that run a "Windows 7 embedded" operating system (some run a Windows 10 embedded system; these are located downstairs), that can either connect to the internet explorer web browser, or connect to a virtualised version of Windows 10

The computers in the dedicated computing rooms seem to run an 8th gen Intel i5 Core processor, and the computer itself is in the monitor (the same concept as iMacs).
Whilst other random computers on the side stair rooms and downstairs in the library area to the back are normal computers, and run an Intel i5-4590 (and have 8GB DDR3 RAM). It's a little bit faster than the other category of computers... Unfortunately, these machines seem to be limited by their disk read/write speed... which also makes everything slow and causes explorer.exe to crash randomly.

The virtualised computers all seem to be connected to a centralised server with a Intel Xeon Gold 6130 CPU (this is a server CPU with 16 cores). CPU load seems to be shared between all these virtualised instances, and can performance can vary throughout the day. It is unknown wether this server is located inside the college building itself - or externally, as you can connect to it at any time from any location with provided you have your login. CPU load seems to always be maxed out at 100% utilisation constantly, and the screens can be especially slow (the computer screen shows very low framerates) when you first logon and all the background programs (such as teams and onedrive) load. The max refresh rate of these screens is 24Hz, but it rarely achieves that. Many apps on the real computers are missing (like most of the Adobe Suite and Visual Studio), but they wouldn't run well anyways. Also the system may just freeze for a few seconds, and then after that period, all your inputs happen at once... or just kick you out of the virtual machine and make you login.

They don't seem to have any form of GPU so good luck loading a 3D program!

Career Day WOOOOO

So this day we had the laptops out, and since this was a 'Career Session' it meant there was nothing productive to be achieved.

So my friend goes on this website called 'Taiko Web'... it's a rhythm game where you play as a drum and press keys in time to on-screen circles.

Anyways that seemed to be too much for the laptop, and it was running like a slideshow. 2 frames per second I reckon.

A girl looking at a computer with 'Taiko Web' on it's screen, looking unimpressed.

Here's a lazy paint drawing of the scenario.

I then ask to play Run 3, a flash game from ~2013 (it has been converted to HTML since then).

A screenshot of Run 3.

That was also terrible, probably 5FPS.

She then loads the snake game you find on Google.

A screenshot of the Google Snake game.

That wasn't much better... still really hard to play.

Maybe they gimp these computers so much that you can't play games... we're playing 4D strategy here!

At least we can always play the chrome dino game...


The chrome dino game being disabled by the administrator.

Screw the admins!