Silly Drawings
00:31 2022-11-21 | drawings

I got really bored and wondered, wow you can do anything with a drawing... well if you can draw...

Here are some of a few images, personally I think it's interesting to see the formation and evolution of an 'artstyle'.

This keeps me up at night, 'what kind of artstyle do I like the most'...?

The medium includes a mix of paint and drawings and whiteboard markings... just whatever's nearest to me..!

WannaComplainAboutTheInternet.png | ~May

msword.png | ~June

Yeah... this is just me avoiding doing my work by fiddling around in Microsoft Paint...

bridge.png | ~July

Based off a silly little early 2000s Japanese PC game

sillydrawing.png | ~August

This brown hair guy might look familiar...

twittermoment.png | ~August

Are you the same person... ?

cathands.png | ~September

Tragic comic.

acidburn.png | ~September


IMG_1707.jpg | ~October


IMG_1719.jpg | ~October

IMG_1721.jpg | ~October

IMG_1891.jpg | ~October

I found a whiteboard!

IMG_1906.jpg | ~October

writing.png | ~October

Touhou moment.

angry.png | ~October

Anger is easy

IMG_2493.jpg | ~October

VHS knock-a-door

IMG_2518.jpg | ~October

Headache... or tummyache...

IMG_2819.jpg | ~November


shock.png | ~November


IMG_2882.jpg | ~November

Lesson bordem...

IMG_2883.jpg | ~November

paper.png | ~November


IMG_3283.jpg | ~November

Big whiteboard!

Fh8HcNoXEAAqr4b.jpg | ~November


notepad.jpg | ~November

I drew her on the toilet...

lainorgtfo.png | ~November

A change in chin shape?

whatrwedoing.png | ~November

Colour?! In paint aswell!? I think this is cute...

That's enough! Maybe I'll update this page... maybe not...