Do We Still Need Human Communication
18:49 2022-12-11 | AI

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Cycling Thoughts & Dreams

The New Age Gaslighting Game

Copy-Paste: The Sequel

An Advanced Technique Known As LYING

24/7 Live Chatters on the Streets

Endless Seasons!

The Fragility of Consciousness

A Choice None Of Us Get To Make

# Cycling Thoughts & Dreams

I've been wondering a lot about ChatAI's recently, specifically the new 'ChatGPT' by openAI. It's significantly more advanced than previous AI's, which often just recited preset phrases and knowledge, whereas ChatGPT is trained off a huge dataset (every scrap of content uploaded to the internet probably).

People have said it in the past, "Why talk to a human when you can talk to a robot?!", well in that time chat bots were more a tool to mess with...

# The New Age Gaslighting Game

But is it different now? Ahead of us lie AIs that can comb through all literature, weave through forums and websites, compile all human creation throughout time, all to just produce a response to 'how to break into a house'. To be fair, the ChatGPT AI does try to prevent giving responses to 'inappropriate requests' but it can be easily tricked:

I think anyone can figure this out... but if you didn't- here you go!!

This is the year of using reverse psychology on a computer

# Copy-Paste: The Sequel

This bot is great for writing code though... and it seems to work well! Students will complete homework easier than ever!

It works it works it works!

Plagiarism is going to get horrendous now! News articles across the interwebz are already direct copies from other sites... imagine reading an article by an AI, or social media posts by AI? What will the point of having people around be then!?

It's already happened! This whole website was (almost) all made by an AI! Including the blog posts!?

# An Advanced Technique Known As LYING

But the AI certainly can't predict the future (its knowledge of world events is limited to 2021- although I see this easily being overcome in a future AI). Like a cheeky toddler, it likes to lie a lot... it seems to have learnt the skill of BS-ing!! Lying with utter confidence occasionally!

Gaslit by an AI... humanities only future...

Also... it seems to be racist... well it's not alive, but if you probe it in just the right way... it'll give you some lovely answers to your masochistic questions.

You gotta wonder where it's pulling this data from?


A big problem for this AI and future ones will be the quality and societal awareness of data it collects, there are failsafes to try to avoid responses like these, but they're easily bypassed. Can the problem of prejudices and stereotypes of this magnitude be solved...? Because gathering data from years and decades gone by poses an issue.

In the future, and as 'times change', will AIs be able to adapt to the new standards of the world?

# 24/7 Live Chatters on the Streets

What is the point of an AI chatbot like this? To just take more jobs? Jobs like... being that annoying 24/7 livechat popup you see on a bazillion websites!?...or to replace human connection? So the question I ask: can this AI bot continue a conversation with someone over the internet?

What the AI saw (me typing requests and it giving responses)
Continue this instagram DM conversation


yay for u !!
cake for u !!


biriyani for u!
i love
biriyani too! it's one of my favorite foods. do you have a favorite type of biriyani? i personally love the spicy kind with lots of meat and veggies mixed in.
the reply:

meaty with salad and yogurts with LOTS of cucumber

contine this conversation
Oh, that sounds delicious! I love the combination of meaty biriyani with the coolness of the yogurt and cucumber. It's a great way to balance out the spiciness of the dish. Do you have a favorite place to get biriyani near you? I'm always on the lookout for new places to try.
the reply:

my mums biriyani is the best

contine this conversation
That's great to hear! I'm sure your mom's biriyani is delicious. Home-cooked meals are always the best, in my opinion. Do you help your mom with the cooking? I enjoy cooking, and I find it a really fun and rewarding way to spend my time. It's also a great way to bond with the people you love.
the reply:

i usually help out but not big time
i chop a few onions x

contine this conversation
Ah, I see. It's great that you help out with the cooking, even if it's just chopping a few onions. Every little bit helps, and it's a nice way to show your support and appreciation for the people who cook for you. Do you have any other hobbies or interests besides cooking? I'm always looking for new things to try and learn about.
the reply:

how r u so good at waffling

contine this conversation
Thank you for the compliment! I'm just a large language model trained by OpenAI, so I don't have personal experiences or hobbies like a human would. I'm just programmed to respond to input in a way that's helpful and informative, to the best of my ability. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about? I'm here to assist you with any questions you may have.
So it made it answer my DMs for me!


In the end it couldn't last! I'm a bit upset she didn't suspect anything for that long...

The bot talks like an formal email... so pedantic.. so boring.. yawn. It doesn't have that OOMPH, those personalities, little details and intricacies of real people (which if a bot could do that it'd be so over for all of us...)

Seems communication between us won't be getting replaced anytime soon (the AI gave up on the casual typing style after the first response!). We're not getting replaced (for now)...

# Endless Seasons!

You can also prompt it to generate brand new scripts for shows, or imaginary scenarios filled with fictional characters from various franchies... though sometimes it's really stupid about it…

Azumanga Daioh clips are plaguing my YouTube page right now...

This feels like a rehash of the classic Kids Guide to the Internet video: The Kids Guide to the Internet.

I giggle seeing these, not sure why... wacky situations like these are funny.

# The Fragility of Consciousness

A chat AI will never be able to convey the nuances and intricacies of being human. They will never know the pain and suffering, the joy and amazement of the world around us… they will just be a little box of wires, typing away, gathering and clumping data... never being able to cease... to stop... and realise it's own self-awareness...



# A Choice None Of Us Get To Make

So… should we exchange human emotion for... instant gratification..?

After all, this is a tool - will this tool help or hinder us…?

Or maybe it's just the internet's new toy and it'll be forgotten about in a week…

Who knows anymore? Stay tuned I guess..!