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BGM tracks

Bob Odyssey: New Town Tracks
By @leowoco

  • Bob Odyssey Beat (Title screen BGM)
  • Bob Odyssey Credits
  • Chill Loop (New Town BGM)
  • Creepy Ambient (Dark World BGM)
  • Lonely Still (Admin menu BGM)
  • More Networking (Networking menu BGM)
  • Tense End (The wall collapses)
  • Bob Odyssey Beaten (The wall collapses)
  • The Memories Of Bob Odyssey
  • (Unused) Spooky Grey

  • Additional Tracks
    From musmus (by Watson)

  • 君が眠るための即興曲 (Credits and World Viewer)
  • You Far Away (Credits and World Viewer)
  • 血と夕焼け (World Viewer)
  • deck brush detective (World Viewer)
  • 晩夏の蝉 (World Viewer)
  • 神秘の大樹 (World Viewer)
  • 終焉の音 (World Viewer)
  • 「思考」 DBD file No.08 (World Viewer)

  • Thanks to MusMus for the additional BGM.