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HopHopHasan Tweaks Resource Pack for Minecraft Bedrock

Several changes and tweaks to the base game, that improve the gameplay and visuals.

Here are a list of changes that have been made:

-Version 1.05-
Revamped fog colours and added more biomes that get new colours
Change water colours
Improved visibility under water
Fixed hotbar text position in creative mode
Made shield more visible
Added background to hotbar tooltips
Removed custom splashes
Reduced file size

-Version 1.04-
More fog colour tweaks, and bug fixes

-Version 1.03-
Fog tweaks

-Version 1.0.2-
Tweaked fog distance for better view distances on lower render distances

-Version 1.0.1-
Better Fog

-Version 1.0.0-
Better Biome Water Colours
Blossom Leaves
Clear Chat
Clear Glass
Clear Hotbar
Dark UI (by Offroaders123)
No Background Textures on Potion Effect
No Nether Fog
Plain Marketplace Button
Settings Menu Tweaks
Vanilla Bedrock Tweaks (by DrAv0011 -,
this includes:
-Unique dyes
-Kelp aging indicators
-Sticky piston sides
-Directional observers
-Directional hoppers
-Lower Fire
-Lower shield
-Transparent spyglass overlay
-Trading helper

Download HopHopHasan Tweaks v1.0.5.mcpack
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YouTube Video Downloader Scripts

Python scripts to download videos of the internet, with other features such as downloading of playlists,
subtitles and audio only download. Based of the yt-dlp project on Github.


Khinsider OST Download Script

Python scripts to download full game OSTs from


See my Github repository on this

MIDI Visualiser

A program that can visualise a MIDI file. Uses libraries from Siv3D (view Github).

Download MIDI Visualiser (32bit).exe
Download MIDI Visualiser (64bit).exe

See my Github repository on this